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Chrysomelids (leaf and seed beetles)

In my 'spare' time I am the organiser of the British Leaf and Seed Beetle Recording Scheme. Following Duff's 2012 checklist, this covers the following families:

  • Chrysomelidae; includes some subfamilies previously given family status such as Bruchinae 'the seed beetles' and Cassidinae 'the tortoise beetles'. Also includes Donaciinae, 'the reed beetles'. One recent addition to the British fauna not in Duff (2008) is Longitarsus symphyti (Harrison 2010), one of the many 'flea beetles'. 270+ spp.
  • Megalopodidae; represented in Britain by a single genus, Zeugophora. 3 spp.
  • Orsodacnidae; represented in Britain by a single genus, Orsodacne. 2 spp.

To submit records, or if you have queries, please contact me via dshubble at yahoo dot com (let me know first so we can agree a format - there is a standard Excel spreadsheet). A new 'UK Beetles' website is currently under construction with online recording planned for late 2012/early 2013. I have also published an identification guide to the British and Irish species, available here for a mere £8.50 + P&P (Hubble, 2012).
Chrysolina herbacea engaging in beetle-love on water mint...

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