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Monday 7 October 2013

The first fog of autumn

A non-technical post today - I'm mired in a swamp of academic marking, so something soothing is required... fortunately I woke up to a foggy morning which highlighted just how busy the spiders in our garden have been - enjoy!

A fine orb-web made by the garden orb spider Araneus diadematus
A large female garden orb spider Araneus diadematus at the hub of her web

A web shaped as a platform suspended from twigs and leaves - it reminds me of a mountaineering tent attached to cliff with pitons. Possibly made by a Theridion species, and there may be webs of spiders such as Linyphia tangled into it.
An incautious wasp becomes a meal for Araneus diadematus

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  1. Amazing photos! I think spiders are so beautiful. In Brazil, I saw spiders (living in groups) who made platform-shaped webs like the one in your second to last photo which were more than 7 feet high! They really are amazing animals.