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Saturday 25 April 2015

In spring the pond goes sproing

After a long, cold early spring, the last couple of weeks have been warm, dry and sunny - and the season has leapt at the opportunity. Butterflies are flying, birds are nest-building, bees are pollinating. All good things. As a microcosm of this rapid seasonal burst of activity the denizens of our garden pond have been distracting me from computer-based tapping and drawing me out to sit by and watch, camera in hand. Our pond's not huge, but a lot of care was taken to ensure variety of structure (and thus habitat) - here are a few of the occupants taking advantage of it.

The fly Elgiva cucularia. It is a member of the family Sciomyzidae that specialise in hunting snails - of which we have plenty. This species is associated with boggy conditions and I have recorded it several times on our pond vegetation, so the shallow, algae filled section is clearly doing its job.
A Large Red Damselfly Pyrrhosoma nymphula posing obligingly on my finger.
One of at least six smooth newts living in our pond. This shot was taken with a waterproof endoscope which I'm still new at using.
Some of this year's batch of frogspawn.
Two pond snails busily engaged in making more snails. The whitish structure top-right is indeed a snail penis AKA 'love-dart'.

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